Powerful cloud storage

Keep all your files safe and easily accessible online. Powered by hyper fast networks to make your files easily accessible to you and your team.

Trusted by over 45k+ users globally

Store any type of file

You can securely store any type of file on Queue's cloud storage. This storage is backed by powerful Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) that make your files easily accessible from anywhere in the world. You can upload anything from small documents to large video files.


Collaborative, easy-access cloud storage

By adding your team to your workspace, they will have immediate access to all uploaded files, eliminating the need for access or edit permission requests.


Organize files by project

Keep all your files organized based on the project instead of creating hundreds of nested folders and odd file structures.

Ava Lawson
Chief Marketing Officer at Bright Ideas Co.

In LOVE with this website. No more confusion in my team!

Bradley Foster
Graphic Designer at Creative Minds Agency

Queue has provided us with a valuable tool that streamlines the feedback and editing process.

Take your file sharing to the next level

Create multiple versions and keep organized of past revisions. Compare previous versions faster than ever.

Get feedback with click-to-comment experience on any type of file. Videos, images, PDFs, etc. Over 30 different filetypes supported.

Want to use Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides? You can directly inside Queue with our partnership with Google. You don't need an account to start.

Need some files from your client? Send them a file request so they can easily upload files. Simple as that.

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Common Questions

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What is cloud storage?
Can I share my files?
How much does it cost?
How do you compare to Dropbox, Box, and Google Drive?
What type of businesses is Queue good for?