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Send invoices with your files

Create and send invoices for your work with file attachments that are locked until payments are received.

This is how it works


Create invoice

Fill out basic information like due date, email, title, and description.


Upload your deliverables

Upload your final files that you want to paywall from download if there's unpaid invoices.


Client pays to download

Soon as your client pays, they can download their deliverables.

Step 1

Create an invoice

Add your title, who it's going to, and the amount. And then we'll handle the rest. Account setup to start taking payments takes less than 2 minutes.

Automatically reminds client

We'll automatically remind your client on a daily basis until the invoice is paid or deleted by you.

Step 2

Upload paywalled files

Upload your files that you want to deliver to your client upon payment. All files will be locked until the client pays all final invoices.

Automatically unlocks

All files become unlocked and downloadable soon as all invoices are paid fully. No more following up with clients with deliverable links.

Step 3

Get paid  🤑

Your clients can pay you through debit, credit, or bank transfers. All payments are 100% secured and backed by Stripe & Plaid.

Transfers to your bank

Payments are sent to your bank account within 48 hours. Adding your bank is easy and takes less than 2min.

No fees

Zero fees for any transaction you do. We cover the cost with our partnership with Stripe and Plaid. You make 100% of what you billed.

get paid faster

Keep your work and invoices synced up

No more delivering work through one software, reviewing through another, and invoicing through another.



Keep 100% of what you got paid for your hard work with zero fees. We believe your hard work deserves to keep 100% of what you made.

Built for freelancers and contractors.

Start making money in no time, while keeping your worksecured.