Capture and Share Screenshots Instantly

Press a keybind to instantly take a screenshot with drawings, arrows, and texts. And then share the link for anyone in the world to view it.

100% free with no weird catch

Highlight the screen

With just 2 clicks, you can take a screenshot of any selected area on your desktop.

Mark up your screenshot

Don't send a boring screenshot. Clarify it with drawings and arrows so they understand your point faster.


Point something out with an arrow


Draw rectangles or circles to highlight important parts.


Speak your thoughts and write it out.


Point things out with drawings.

Uploads automatically

After taking a screenshot, we provide you with a link that can be shared with others. The link is accessible to anyone and won't take up any storage space on your device. And you'll be able to find old screenshots on your account.

Highly secure

The image link is encrypted, which makes it impossible for others to guess. Moreover, we have measures in place to prevent brute force attacks.

Get feedback on screenshots

Share it and receive feedback directly on your screenshot by click-to-comment.

Quick approvals

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Don't you hate typing...

Maybe you want to share an image for that landing page? Or a question about some code you wrote? Whatever it is, a picture gets the job done. 2x faster than recording a video and 2x better than text.