Queue for marketing teams

Optimize your creative feedback process and achieve faster approvals

Your teams feedback loop is broken

When all feedback is in one place, everyone gets used to the review tools. This makes it easier to use them and the feedback becomes more accurate and helpful.

Eliminate brand and compliance risk

Get marketing, legal, product team, and more to sign off on work ready to be release. Don't open yourself up to legal risk because you didn't get documentable approvals from your team.

Gather all feedback in one platform

No more jumping back and forth from different platforms getting confused and lost. Keep all your assets in one platform that's secured and streamlined into your workflow.

Customize your reviews

Require approvals

Choose who you want feedback and approval from.


Lock commenting after a specified date.

Automatic reminders

Automatically remind them to finish the review before the deadline.


Know who commented, who approved, and when.

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Frank Carter
Mar 8, 2023

This product has greatly simplified the process, making it much more efficient. Its user-friendly interface and automated reminders guarantee that nothing is overlooked, resulting in a streamlined experience. We are extremely pleased with this platform!

Hoping they release the desktop app for screenshooting quick updates like they promised! Other than that, it’s a useful product if you have clients who wants to give a lot of feedback AFTER the deadline. Just turn on the deadline feature and it’ll block them from commenting and let them know why.

Mar 5, 2023
Patricia Mills
Mar 4, 2023

I really enjoy using this platform since it enables clients to suggest website edits effortlessly. In the past, we used Markup, but it didn't have the features of setting deadlines and automatic reminders. This new platform is extremely easy for both our team and clients to utilize!

The installation process is extremely easy, without any complicated setup or need to modify our codebase. It has proven to be a successful experience both internally and with our customers.

Jekel Debid
Mar 5, 2023
Muhammad Asif
Mar 3, 2023

Queue has provided us with a valuable tool that streamlines the feedback and editing process. This tool is user-friendly & accessible even for non-technical clients.

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