Being able to make a living off your passion is exciting. That's why we built Queue.

In the last couple years, we learned so much from our 50,000+ users who rely on Queue to run their creative business online. Everyone from video editors to UIUX product designers.

And we noticed there's many problems in the industry for being an online designer making a living for what you're passionate about.

We built Queue so finding new clients and managing them isn't a nightmare.


Building Queue wasn't simple and easy.


We had to figure out the most important problems first.

When we first started, we knew what our #1 priority would be. It was how to make you money. And to this day, that's still our primary goal.

We knew there was two ways you can make more money. More clients and spending less on software.


We build and iterated different versions of Queue.

If you've been with us for the last 3 years, you'll notice all the numerous changes Queue has gone through. We've built things, released them, deleted them, and kept some of them.

And this isn't going to stop anytime soon. Your problems is our responsibility to solve. So tell us what they are and there will be a solution for it.


We're building something BIG

Queue won't be a boring marketplace. Nor will it be a boring collaboration software. It will be the only software a designer will want to run their business online and find new clients.


We're gonna scale you up.

We're going to scale your business so you make a S@&# ton of money and love doing it. We'll handle the tools you need to make that happen. We got your back.

Our investors

We're backed by the worlds best venture capital firms and founders. Trusting us to build the next generation platform for designers working online.