Taskboard that's team and client facing

The first project board that has private commenting capability. Packed with an amazing experience that keeps your project on track.

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A project board for both teams and clients

Create private cards and comments to keep internal communication private. Designed to be simple and yet powerful for growing agencies.

Custom task forms

Add custom questions to the task form to get all your questions answered the first time.

Limit # of Tasks

Restrict the number of tasks per column to prevent your client from overwhelming you.

Automatical Disabling

Client didn't pay their invoice or missed a subscription payment? It'll automatically disable creating new tasks.

Team & Client facing

Create private comments to communicate with your team privately.

Nested Comments

Break up large comments into smaller nested ones while keeping the taskboard organized.

Beautiful UI

Built to be simple and beautiful for everyone using it. No confusing features.

The next level of task requests

We take task requests to a whole new level with custom task forms and automation. Making your business systematic and always have the full picture.

Customize your taskboard

Whether you have limits on how many tasks can be in progress at once or not, we got you covered.

Limit # of tasks per column

If you're selling productized services, you'll want to set a limit on how many tasks can be in progress.

With Queue you can set that limit. If you set it to 1, the client won't be able to move any more tasks to In Progress.

Automate the the taskboard

Got a taskboard exactly how you want? You can assign it to a service and it'll generate it whenever a client purchases that service.

No more manually duplicating a board or setting it up when you get a a new client!

Import from Trello

Import your entire board from Trello to Queue to make the transition easy and risk free. Takes only 3 clicks and it'll import all cards and comments.

Wait, there's more...

We're not done. We packed the taskboard with more features that makes it a pleasant experience.

Assign tasks

Assign a task to a teammate and watch them finish it.

Upload files for review on tasks

Send large 5GB+ files or websites for feedback right from the task.

Track time on a task

Figure out how much time your teammates has spent on each task.

Auto disable taskboard if payment is needed

Subscription paused or cancelled? We'll automatically disable the taskboard until payment has been updated.

Track credits

Want to give your subscribers or buyers an allotted amount of credits for each purchase? Enable credit tracking to simplify it.

Meet Queue users

Queue powers thousands of freelancers to large scale agencies around the world.

UseQueue gave me the ability to start a subscription design service that has controls in place (one project at a time) that I wouldn't have otherwise. The dev team is attentive to my feedback for improvements to the app, too. It's like a having a partner in business... not just another software vendor!

Megan Giles

MG Graphics

Just migrated my subscription clients tofrom Trello & Stripe directly.Has been a pretty awesome experience so far after looking around for a better task/card management solution that ALSO integrated with payments (subscription mgmt, pause/cancel) and private comments

EZ Smith


@usequeue is honestly the best platform I've discovered in the last year. I've honestly yet to encounter a company that supports it's product as efficiently and with as much passion. Shout out , you guys rock !

Jules Dupont


I've recently been migrating my systems for task assignment, organization, and review to @usequeue, and it's been wonderful to use!

There's an Asana-like task board UI that easily organizes your upcoming, current, and finished tasks.

Your clients gain access to their own portal where they can assign tasks to your queue (haha), eliminating the need to reach you through other channels.

My main goal in 2024 is to streamline my processes so I can achieve more for my clients, and Queue is one of the most integral parts of that for me.



Going to brag about for a moment.

I was setting up the welcome email and encountered a bug. Instead of reaching out to support, support actually reached out to me, within about 30 seconds…and fixed the bug in real-time in about 2 minutes.

Later, I had 2 other questions on functionality and how some specific features were supposed to work and not only did I get a fast reply (again), but come to find out, they had essentially gone in and added in specific features that not only addressed the questions I had, but actually SOLVED the problem I was having.

Adam Long

Adam Long Creatives

LFG Best platform for builders

Artem Parabolic

Akro Design

Shoutout @usequeue. Quick response, resolved my issue including packing and shipping an update within 2 hours. Five stars

Samuel Drotar


@usequeue with is the only platform you need. It’s sooo powerful!

Naiara Houck


@masudrhossain and @usequeue is what you’re looking for.

Nathan David Hall