Boost sales with a referral program

An all-in-one solution to launch your own affiliate program that's easy to setup and works with your Queue workflow.

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2k+ Teams
10x Easier collaboration
how it works

30 second setup

Choose reward
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Reward both the affiliate partner and the recipient at the same time by choosing a percentage or dollar value.

Simple and easy
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Affiliate partners share a code to receive their referral reward. Simple and effective without any glitches.

Auto payout
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Affiliate partners can create payouts on their own without any setup or help from you.

Setup instructions: Add reward for affiliate partner and recipient. Done.

Reward both affiliate partner and client

Set rewards for both your affiliate partner and your new client. Reward with percentage off or fixed amount.

Affiliate payouts are automatic and requires no additional work from your side.

Simple setup

Specify how much the discounts are and you're done.

Increase inbound leads

Money speaks. Give incentives to increase worth of mouth growth.

Redeemable with affiliate link or referral code

Partners can share their affiliate links to automatically apply all discounts when client purchases a new package. Or they can share their Referral Code to apply discounts on checkout.


Partners can see their referrals and how much they've made.

Easy to use

Takes affiliate partners less than 10 seconds to create an account and share their affiliate links.

Increase your revenue growth

Gain insights into important metrics like referral revenue, the count of customers enrolling in your referral program, and the website traffic generated through referrals.

Witness your revenue increase as your customers refer their friends.


View partners and referral signups to keep them updated and courage more referrals.

No Fees

We charge no fees for your referrals. You keep 100% of everything you make.

Word of mouth is the largest growth channel

Making it easy for your friends and clients to refer you to new clients while getting rewarded for it. Word of mouth is the #1 way majority of agencies grow and referral program will boost it.

Increase growth with a referral program


92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know (Nielsen)


Referred customers have a 16% higher lifetime value than non-referred customers (Wharton School of Business).


Referral programs can reduce customer acquisition costs by up to 30% (American Marketing Association).