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Help your clients setup 10x faster by creating an onboarding checklist.

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Help your clients setup


Create a custom checklist with links, videos, and more.


Track the onboarding checklist for each client from their project page.

Higher retention

Clients stick around longer when setup is faster.


Set up quicker to deliver sooner

Create an onboarding checklist accessible through their portal, outlining the necessary steps to begin collaboration with your team.

Clients stick around longer when using an onboarding checklist. Quicker setup means faster delivery for you.

Add any type of link
Upload videos for viewing
Trackable checklist
Viewable from project page
reduce churn rate

Reduce client churn

Clients stay longer if you assist them in setting up quickly. They prefer less meetings and email exchanges; they want to start submitting tasks for you to complete, which keeps everything organized for everyone.

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