A task manager that's customizable

Customize columns, limit cards, and create templates. Syncs with your client's subscription plan for automatic enabling and disabling.

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2k+ Teams
10x Easier collaboration

Powerful and built for agencies

Full of useful features designed for agencies looking to streamline the way clients submit tasks.

Custom task forms

Add custom questions to the task form to get all your questions answered the first time.

Limit # of Tasks

Restrict the number of tasks per column to prevent your client from overwhelming you.

Automatical Disabling

Client didn't pay their invoice or missed a subscription payment? It'll automatically disable creating new tasks.

Customizable Columns

Create additional columns to organize your taskboard to fit your business.

Nested Comments

Break up large comments into smaller nested ones while keeping the taskboard organized.

Beautiful UI

Built to be simple and beautiful for everyone using it. No confusing features.

task forms

Less back-n-forth with Task Forms

No more back and forth asking questions to get everything you need to complete the task. Create task forms that your clients can choose from when submitting new tasks. Keeping your team organized and communication on point.

Short or long texts
Multiple choices
+ more options
Limit tasks

Limit tasks based on columns

Set a maximum task limit per column to prevent clients from submitting an excessive number all at once. Keep you and your team organized on the highest priority tasks first.

Add max # per column
Customizable on per project
Content Section

Break up large tasks into smaller ones

Turn big tasks into smaller ones. Divide and organize them as nested tasks under the main one. This keeps you organized and clients informed about your progress.

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